Dr. Josh Makower, MD - "The Art and Future of Medical Technology Innovation"

Dr. Josh Makower, MD Consulting Professor of Medicine, Stanford University and Co-Founder of the Stanford Biodesign Innovation Program Chairman & CEO, ExploraMed Development, LLC Venture Partner, New Enterprise Associates Dr. Josh Makower has dedicated his life to the creation of medical technologies which improve the quality of life and delivers innovation to patients. As CEO and Founder of ExploraMed Development, LLC, a medical device incubator based on the west coast, he serves as a Venture Partner with New Enterprise Associates where he supports the investing activity in the medical device arena. Dr. Makower holds over four dozen patents for various medical devices in the fields of Cardiology, ENT, General Surgery, Drug Delivery, Orthopaedics and Urology. He serves as a Consulting Associate Professor of Medicine at Stanford University Medical School and co-founded Stanford’s Biodesign Innovation Program. A compendium of the materials created to support the teaching efforts in the Stanford Biodesign program has recently been published under the Cambridge University text, Biodesign: The Process of Innovating New Medical Technologies. “Medtech innovations come mostly from physicians and those who see patients’ needs firsthand.” Dr. Makower will discuss the crucial role all caregivers have, treating patients every day, seeing for themselves which technologies and procedures are working, and which need improvement. Inspirations from these experiences allow new ideas to be brought forward as products such as joint replacements and cardiac stents. These innovations have increased the duration and quality of our lives. “New medical technologies have come from individual practitioners, entrepreneurs and small firms. Every new technology, every new idea that touches a patient’s life and improves it started with an investor writing a check. The American dream and small businesses are at the heart of what continues to drive the system today. The U.S. has provided incentives for innovators to succeed, and when they develop technologies that improve patients’ lives, both investors and patients are rewarded.” Aresty Auditorium, NRT Tuesday, November 29th 12 - 1pm