Mr. Keith Rosema- Inventive Approaches to Global Health

Director of Research, Intellectual Ventures Laboratories Intellectual Ventures Laboratories (IVL) strives to find efficient invention mechanisms. Our Fund for Global Good aims to rapidly convert new health discoveries into real solutions for the developing world by iterating between the laboratory and the field. The classic paradigm of technology development divides the world into academic research and commercial/industrial pursuit, but for IVL the right approach is to span the gap by incorporating engineering and business practices alongside fundamental science. A survey of some of the global health projects at IVL will be used to illustrate the company’s stategy of developing a close coupling between practical implementation and basic research. Examples of innovations in various stages of development include a malaria detector, a cold chain device, a photonic fence, and new approaches to epidemiological modeling. Host: Dr. George Tolomiczenko, Administrative Director, HTE @ USC Division of Health, Technology & Engineering University of Southern California Location: Aresty Auditorium